The Municipal Park of Luxembourg

This park is in the south of the Grand Duchy, and it is bordered by Boulevard Price Henry and by the Alzette and Petrusse Rivers valleys. The park was built on the site of the former Luxembourg stronghold. This green area fills some 20 hectares and it is divided in several parts by Boulevards Monterey, Émile Reuter and Porte-Neuve.

Merl Park

This public park is located in the west side of Luxembourg, in the Hollerich district, and it is bordered by Boulevards 10 Septembre, Pierre Dupong, Guillaume and by Rue Bragance. The parks fills and area of about 5 hectares, is also has a lake and it is highly appealing both for locals and for tourists.

Tony Neuman Park

Located in the Limpertsberg district, this park features a display of modern sculptures.

Laval Park

It is located in the Eich-Weimerskirch district and it stretches on the left bank of the Alzette River.

European Park

Located in the Dommeldange district, this park is set in the classic style of English parks.

Klosegroendchen Park

The venue is located in the Kirchberg area, and it is an atypical park. It is a dune-like park featuring miscellaneous vegetation and stone sculptures.

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