Traditional Luxembourgian cuisine has been clearly influenced in time by the French and German cuisines. Recent Italian, Spanish and Portuguese influences have also made their way through into the Luxembourgian cuisine. In fact, the Luxembourgian cuisine has taken over the best of each of these gastronomic cultures.

Traditional Luxembourgian dishes refer to smoked pork products seasoned with beans or sauerkraut, to the famed smoked ham, trout, pike and crayfish products prepared in a unique manner, but also to the delicious desserts made with local liqueurs.

Since the latter half of the past century, a genuine chocolate and ice cream industry has developed in Luxembourg. Most regional confectionery products are based on fruit, sugar, chocolate and nuts. These ingredients are used at preparing traditional delights, such as knippercher, marrons glaces, marzipan and nougat alike.

The following range of products pertaining to the Luxembourgian cuisine has been registered as national brands: butter, honey, smoked pork, wine, sparkling wine and brandy.

Traditional dishes

Thuringer: spicy version of the famed German bratwurst sausages. These links are both tasty and cheap.

Green bean soup (Bou’neschlupp): dish highly appreciated in this region. The soup contains green beans, potatoes, onion, toast slices and, as the cooks might see fit, sausages.

Black pudding (Treipen): specialty made of pig head, lungs, kidneys and tongue, seasoned with cabbage, onion, toast slices and spicy herbs.

Luxembourgian ham: type of ham similar to the Italian prosciutto crudo. It is served cut in fine slices on bread, as snap.

Gromper keeschelche (potato pancakes): traditional Luxembourgian potato and onion dish seasoned with parsley.

Kach Kais: soft cheese featuring a rubber-like consistency and a unique taste. It can be compared with the French camembert.

Patty: traditional Luxembourgian product which can be cooked in sundry ways, each restaurant owning a “house recipe”.

Verwurrelt gedanken: traditional pastry product made during the Carnival.

Gingerbread men (boxemannercher): product served to the children on the evening of December the 6th (Saint Nicholas).

Wines and liqueurs

The Luxembourg region is also famed for its locally produced wines. Here, wines can accompany any dish. There are 9 types of wine produced in Luxembourg, which are ascertained around the world: Elbling, Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The liqueurs produced in Luxembourg are also appreciated by specialists around the world. The following are the most renowned: Cassero du Chateau de Beaufort, Dannespozendrepp, Elixir de Mondorf, Esprit du Luxembourg, E’sleker, Hunningdrepp, Nossdrepp, Maagbitter BUFF, Pere Blanc.

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