By plane

The quickest and most convenient way of traveling to Luxembourg is by plane. Should one decide to go to Luxembourg, they should know Luxair, the national airline company, offers quality services regardless of tourists’ choice in terms of class: either business or economy.

There are several flights a day between Findel, the main airport of Luxembourg, and Paris, Nice, Genoa, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Cracow, London, Dublin, Florence, Rome, Porto, Barcelona, Madrid, as well as other big European cities. One should keep in mind that after landing at Luxembourg Airport they can get to the center of the city by bus (€ 1.50 a two-hour ticket) or by taxi (some € 15-25).

Buses operate weekdays between 5.28am and 9.09pm, every 15 minutes, and Sundays between 6.24am and 21.58pm, every 30 minute.

Travelers opting for taxis should keep in mind taxis cannot be simply hailed in Luxembourg, but always called for.

Other airports located nearby Luxembourg refer to Fohren-Trier Airport (in Germany, some 50 kilometers from Luxembourg), to Saarbrucken-Saarbrucken Airport (in Germany, some 80 kilometers from Luxembourg), to Zweibruecken-Zweibruecken Airport (in Germany, some 100 kilometers from Luxembourg), to Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport (in France, some 65 kilometers), Essey-Nancy Airport (in France, some 120 kilometers), and to Le Rozelier-Verdun Airport (in France, some 90 kilometers).

For further information on flights, rates, as well as on reservations, refer to the details on Luxembourg Findel International Airport.

By car

Tourists who want to travel by land might opt for their personal vehicle or coach. Roads are in excellent condition in Luxembourg, and the capital of the Grand Duchy is linked by motorways by plenty other European cities: Metz (A3 – 64 kilometers), Brussels (A6 – 230 kilometers), Trier (A1 – 44 kilometers). The geographical location of the country determines the distances to the big cities, such as Paris, Nancy or Strasbourg, not to exceed 350-370 kilometers.

In addition, from Luxembourg City one can always get quick enough to the Belgian (some 15 minutes), German (some 13 minutes) and French (some 20 minutes) borders of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

By train

Those who want to go to Luxembourg by train will definitely not be disappointed. Modern, comfortable and fast trains stand as an excellent alternative in the event travelers don’t like to drive, do not hold a driving license or simply want to enjoy the trips and to relax. There are direct trains linking Luxembourg to Paris (2 hours), Metz (one hour), Brussels (3 hours) and Trier (45 minutes).

Furthermore, tourists can travel by high speed trains – TGV – linking Luxembourg City to Paris, a train able to reach to 320 km/h. TGVs manage to cover the 380-kilometer distance in 2 hours only. These trains operate five trips a day from Luxembourg to Paris, stopping in the Thionville station, the Metz station and the Trois-Domaines new Meuse TGV station.

For further details on the railway guide or for online ticket reservations, visit the

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