City Promenade

Long walk enthusiasts who do not want to miss any tourist objectives in Luxembourg should keep in mind City Promenade is an excellent choice. Visitors opting for this tour will... City Promenade

Wenzel Walk

This circuit is basically a walk in time and space. Tourists choosing this tour will learn information on various aspects related to the natural environment and to the anthropogenic environment.... Wenzel Walk

Vauban Luxembourg Itinerary

Named after the French fortress built by Sebastien le Preste, this trip offers tourists the possibility of exploring the fortifications dating back to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. ... Vauban Luxembourg Itinerary

Goethe in Luxembourg Itinerary

During this itinerary which takes about two hours, tourists visit the places Goethe used to visit during his stay in Luxembourg: the Fish Market, the Goethe Memorial House and the... Goethe in Luxembourg Itinerary

Jog' N See

Tourists who want to visit the most beautiful green places in Luxembourg, the Old Town and the fortifications declared part of the UNESCO Heritage, but who, at the same time,... Jog' N See

Gourmet Tour

This gastronomic tour gives tourists the possibility to simultaneously enjoy the walk, to visit the most appealing tourist objectives of the city and to sample some of the traditional Luxembourgian... Gourmet Tour

Luxembourg Tour by Bus

This city tour by bus takes about 2 hours. By choosing this tour, tourists have the opportunity of visiting the Old Town, the ruins, the casemates, the train station area... Luxembourg Tour by Bus

City Safari

A special trip organized on a circuit children are highly likely to enjoy to the full. Tourists who do not want to opt for this trip may let their children... City Safari

Hop On Hop Off

This tour gives visitors the possibility to experience a different perspective on the city. Those who choose Hop On Hop Off have the opportunity of admiring the tourist objectives in... Hop On Hop Off

Pétrusse Express

This tourist auto-train leads tourists to the archeological sites of the Old Town. It gives visitors the opportunity to get a better grasp of the history of the capital of... Pétrusse Express

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