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Address: 12 place du Marché, L-4621 Differdange

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Albergo Da Marco

  1. Hotel Albergo Da Marco Luxembourg

Address: 3, rue du Fort Elisabeth, 1463

The Da Marco hotel is situated between the Central Train Station district and the city center, close to the Petrusse Valley Park. The places that raise a great deal of interest in Luxembourg City are the Grand Ducal Palace, National Museum of History and Art, the Gelle Fra war memorial, Luxembourg City History Museum, National...


  1. Hotel Skol Luxembourg

Address: 268, route d'Arlon - L-8010 Strassen

The Skol hotel is a 3 star boutique hotel situated in a quiet area, 6 km from Luxembourg’s city center. The hotel is situated at only 10 minutes by car from some of the most important places of interest in Luxembourg, such as the Place d’Armes, the fortifications, the neogothic Cathedral of Notre Dame,...

Auberge de la Gaichel

  1. Hotel Auberge de la Gaichel Luxembourg

Address: Gaichel-Eischen, 8469

The Auberge de la Gaichel is situated at in a quiet area in the Luxembourgish countryside, at 4 km from Arlon and at 25 minutes by car from Luxembourg’s city center. The hotel offers its guests the possibility to discover the beautiful tourist attraction in the Luxembourgish countryside such as the the valley of the...


  1. Hotel Moris Luxembourg

Address: Place des Martyrs, 54 - 7201 Walferdange

The hotel Moris is an elegant 3 star hotel situated at just a few minutes from the Kirchberg area, a place where tourists will find the headquarters of several European Union Institutions, banks, shopping centers, the Opera House and the d’Coque arena. The hotel enjoys a good location across the street from the Walferdange Campus...


  1. Hotel Parmentier Luxembourg

Address: 7, rue de la Gare - L-6117 JUNGLINSTER


  1. Hotel Dany Luxembourg

Address: 72 Route D'arlon, Luxembourg

The Le Dany hotel is situated in Strassen, close to the exit to the A6 highway and at 5 minutes from Luxembourg’s city center. The capital of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a city with an important cultural and historical heritage, tourists can visit buildings built dating as far back as the 10th century as...

Pax La Locanda

  1. Hotel Pax La Locanda Luxembourg

Address: Thionville, 121 - Luxembourg

The Pax hotel is a comfortable 3 star hotel situated in Luxembourg, at just a few minutes from the train station, the International Airport, the nearby Kirchberg area and the European Institutions. Other important tourist attractions in Luxembourg are the neogothic Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Place d'Armes the Neumünster Abbey and the Luxembourg City...

Studio Le Lavandin

  1. Hotel Studio Le Lavandin Luxembourg

Address: 23, rue de la Lavande . L-1923 Luxembourg

The La Lavandin hotel is situated in the north eastern part of Luxembourg City, in the Kirchberg area. Kirchberg is a very important area for both business and leisure tourists since here is the place where they can find the headquarters of some of the most important institutions of the European Union such as the...

Studio Belappart

  1. Hotel Studio Belappart Luxembourg

Address: 69, rue du Fort Neipperg - L-2230 Luxembourg

The Studio Hotel Belappart is situated in the heart of Luxembourg City, at just a few steps from the train station and not far from the Grand Ducal Palace, Luxembourg City History Museum and the National Museum of Natural History. In the vicinity, tourists will find numerous restaurants, bars and shops as well as several...

Beau Site

  1. Hotel Beau Site Luxembourg

Address: Esch sur Sûre - Grand Duché du Luxembourg

The Beau Site hotel is a 3 star hotel in Esch-sur-Sûre, one of the smallest towns in Luxembourg situated in the north-western part of the country, close to the Belgium border. The hotel enjoys a good location, direct on the western bank of the Sauer river, not far from the Lake Haute Sure and the...


  1. Hotel Central Luxembourg

Address: 25, rue de Bastogne L-9010 Ettelbrück

The Central hotel is situated in Ettelbruck, in the town center at 500 meters from the train station. The hotel is located close to the most important places of interest in Ettelbruck, General George S. Patton Memorial Museum and the Ettelbruck parish church. Guests can also do one day trips to Malmedy and Bastogne, two...

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