Generalities / Theaters

The beginning of theater in Luxembourg dates back to the Jesuit period, in the late 16th century. Yet, the true birth of Luxembourgian theater occurred no sooner than 1855, when the Edmond de la Fontaine’ play “Scholdschäin” was performed for the first time. From that moment on, plays have been performed in the Luxembourgian theater both in French and German, but also in English, Dutch and Portuguese.

Attractions in Luxembourg


Theater lovers can make reservations by resorting to the information provided here. An entire world of culture will unveil at their feet.


Vauban Luxembourg Itinerary

Vauban Luxembourg Itinerary is all about trips to fortresses dating back to some centuries ago. It is a highly cultural circuit.


Gallery of Contemporary Art Am Tunnel

The Gallery of Contemporary Art Am Tunnel is dedicated to displaying works of local artists and a permanent collection of photography.