History Museum / Museums

Located in the center of the Old City and housed by several special venues, that is, by four seats dating back to the Middle Age, the museum displays several exhibitions depicting the historic periods of the city, ranging from the Antiquity to the present days.

Architecturally speaking, the museum strikes by its verticality. In fact, the museum is built just as the city is, on several levels.

The 6 levels of the museum are connected by a panoramic elevator which allows visitors to make an overall impression of the history of the city. The first two floors display a permanent exhibition depicting the first part of the history of Luxembourg from is foundation to 1839, when the duchy obtained its independence. The following two levels display exhibitions featuring the recent history of the city, with five fundamental themes: the City and its Power, the City in Motion, the City and the Environment, the City and the Comfort, the City and Europe.

The last three floors of the museums are dedicated to temporary exhibitions, by means of which contemporary artists display their works.

History Museum
14, Rue du Saint-Esprit, L-2090, Luxembourg
00352 47 96 45 00
00352 47 17 07
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm; Thursday: 10am to 8pm
children under 12: free; children between 12 and 18, students, people over 65: € 3.70; adults: € 5

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