Grand Ducal Palace / Museums

At present, there are more than 76 castles and palaces in Luxembourg. However, the Grand Ducal Palace (Palais Grand-Ducal) is deemed the most significant, since it is here that the ruling family of the Grand Duchy lives.

The building in which the palace is nowadays hosted was built between 1572 and 1574, and, in time, it was home to the City Hall, the Prefecture, and then to the Government. In 1890 it was turned into a palace.

Each year, as from the end of July to the beginning of September, the Palace opens its gates in view of welcoming visitors around the world. Directed by specialized guides, tourists visit the Palace and learn information on the history of the venue and on the ruling dynasties of the country, on its history as from 1890.

Further information on the opening hours of the Palace can be found at the tourist information office in Luxembourg.

Grand Ducal Palace
Place Guillaume II, L-1648, Luxembourg
00352 22 28 09
00352 46 70 70

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