Key Inn Appart Office

  1. Hotel Key Inn Appart Office Luxembourg
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Address: 42 rue Albert 1er, 1117 Luxembourg

This concept, which is unique in Luxembourg, is ideally suited for professional visitors, consultants, managers or tourists who wish: to live and work in a functional, practical, elegant and central location to have more space and autonomy to invite clients, colleagues or even friends to enjoy certain services.

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  1. Hotel Keup Luxembourg
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Address: 64, Gruuss Strooss - L-9991 Weiswampach

The Keup hotel is a 4 star hotel situated at 10 minutes by foot from the center of Weiswampach, a small town located in the northern part of Luxembourg, at 4 km respectively 8 km from the Belgium and German border. The hotel’s location allows guests to enjoys a quiet vacation or to do one...

Hotel Keup Luxembourg # Details


  1. Hotel Kinnen Luxembourg

Address: 2, route d'Echternach - L-6550-Berdorf

The Kinnen hotel is situated in Berdorf, a small town situated in eastern Luxembourg, directly on the German border. The area called Little Switzerland in which the hotel can be found is an area dominated by craggy terrain, thick forests, some caves and myriad small streams, perfect for hiking and camping enthusiasts. In this area...

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