After hosting a hospital and a women prison, the building, which dates back to 1308, is at present home to the National Museum of Natural History of Luxembourg. The museum is deemed a window to the natural beauties of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and visitors can admire pictures depicting various seasonal landscapes.

Visits to this museum become interactive trips shuttling tourists 15 million years ago, the moment when our planet was born, and then bring them back to present, displaying the environment-related issues we all face today.

Permanent exhibitions gravitate around several questions: “Who am I?”, a question linked to the impact the entire humanity, as well as each of us, has on the planet; “Where am I?”, an itinerary in the Luxembourgian landscape; and “Where do I come from?”, which is an exploration trip into the Universe and the planet.

National Museum of Natural History
25, Rue Münster, L-2160, Luxembourg
00352 46 22 33 -1
00352 47 51 52
Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 10am to 6pm
children under 6: free; children over 6, students: € 3; adults: € 4.5; families: € 9
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